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Rupert Fawcett

Rupert Fawcett is a tour de force in the world of cartoon strips.  A Londoner through and through, he became a professional cartoonist almost by accident when in 1989 he doodled a little bald man in braces and carpet slippers and named him Fred. Fred rapidly became famous on greetings cards all over the world and the cartoons appeared in the UK's Mail on Sunday for 4 years. 

When his children were small, he created a new character, Daddy, which was based on his experience of parenthood.  This also became a great success as did his subsequent creations, Close Encounters, Uneasy Street, The Mighty Pen and the letters of Oscar Wendlow. 'Off the Leash' is his series of cartoons about dogs where he cleverly chips away to uncover the wonderful relationship between dogs and their owners.