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A taster of our ceramics collections to whet your appetite...the full range can be viewed under the Shop tab on the menu bar





The Signature Collection, designed for us by Aiga Sattler, features our signature silhouettes in a range of breeds.  Currently available as mugs, jugs and baubles. Our ceramics are made in Stoke on Trent, the heart of the Staffordshire Potteries.  The classically styled mugs and the jugs are made from a beautiful creamy earthenware using the best Cornish clay and traditional, hand-made methods.




Our baubles needed a slightly lighter touch and are made from the finest English Bone China which gives a delicate finish, perfect alongside twinkling lights on the tree.




Our Plain Mugs






A variation on the theme are the Love Me Love My Dog mugs.




We have been working closely with leading animal artists to feature their beautiful drawings and paintings on our ceramics.  Great care has been taken to ensure that the colours and quality are truly representative of the original artworks.  We think the results are truly stunning and we hope you'll agree.  Included in our launch range is work by Justine Osborne, Elle Wilson and Fiona Thomson.


Justine Osborne's undertstated charcoal sketches capture magic moments and classic poses of favourite breeds. They look just fabulous on our pottery mugs and jugs. We've been careful to make sure that every single smudgy charcoal mark is still there so you can enjoy the detail of these sketches to the full.  Nothing has been lost in their transfer from paper to ceramic - utterly delightful and frighteningly collectable.




Also on the way is a set of doggy head studies taken from original oils by Justine.  We want the collection to have a beautidul, painterly look and we're working hard on the finish to make sure every brush stoke is still visible.   We're very nearly there so here's an example with more on the way soon including a Border Terrier, Labrador, Daxis and more Pugs.






 Elle Wilson's fabulously uplifting paintings look wonderful on our new bone china mugs.  Elle's work is minutely detailed and every single detail really counts so it's been important to get the colours and the clarity just right.  We hope you'll agree the results are stunning.  Check out her mugs and her lovely Christmas baubles. There are lots more in the pipeline too, so the collection will just get better and better.




Fiona Thomson's Long Dog watercolours are a delight.  Her beautiful images have a delicate, light touch which is ideally suited to presentation on our English Fine Bone China.  Her paintings of Long Dogs are so evocative of those very special moments instantly recognisable to dog lovers the world over.





We are thrilled to be working with Rupert Fawcett to create a range of ceramics bearing his hugely successful Off The Leash cartoons.  His amusing observations will doubtless ring true with dog owners everywhere. 



We are equally pleased to be working with the renowned childrens' book illustrator Tony Ross.  Probably best known for his illustration of the Horrid Henry books, Tony is  working with us on Towzer the Dog, another of his masterpieces . The Towzer range will be launched in Autumn 2014.