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Elle Wilson

It's a lot of fun working with Elle to re-create her fabulously uplifting paintings on our ceramics and on our cards; we have been spoiled for choice. Her work is minutely detailed and every detail really counts so it's been very important to get the colours and the clarity just right. I hope you'll agree that the results are nothing short of stunning. There are lots more in the pipeline too so the collection will just get better and better.

A little background on Elle...In the main, Elle paints sight hounds but other breeds creep in now and then along with a few other animals such as foxes and hares.  Elle likes to hold on to a sense of innocence in her paintings and her work is invariably bright, colourful and cheerful. Her compositions are skilfully and beautifully executed and utterly charming. She has an avid following on Facebook and is booked for months ahead to create specially commissioned paintings. More of Elle's work, including originals and prints for sale can be seen by clicking this link.